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Esmeraldas, Ecuador Cruise Port

Located on the northern coast of Ecuador, Esmeraldas is a town with a moderate population of around 160,000. As the capital of the Esmeraldas Province and seat of the Esmeraldas Canton, it’s located on one of the Pacific Ocean’s major seaports at the mouth of the Esmeraldas River. Aside from cruise ships of all sizes, Esmeraldas acts as Ecuador’s premiere cargo port for agricultural, lumber, and livestock imports and exports. The Trans-Ecuadorian oil pipeline has its terminus in Esmeraldas and is where tankers fill up to transport the oil around the continent. Despite all the industry, the city is a popular tourist stop due to its soft, sandy beaches, tropical jungles, and historically significant archeological site. The indigenous people—known as the Cayapas—are also welcoming to travelers and create one-of-a-kind arts and crafts as souvenirs. The Las Palmas neighborhood separates from the touristy fare and offers the best restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.


  • Playa de Las Palmas is a stunning oasis with fresh gardens, plenty of trees and flowers, and outstanding cuisine that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else.
  • For a calm, secluded spot, visit Cumilinche Beach. This isolated beach is tucked away and hidden on the rocky shores far from the harbor and other signs of civilization. A great escape, but best to explore in a group.
  • Mompiche Town is a simpler place where you can explore the wide-spanning tropical jungle and be one with nature as you camp out in the dark, often wet wilderness.
  • For a variety of intriguing waterfall hikes, head to Refugio del Gavilan. This blissful wilderness reserve is also a grand spot for birdwatching and the staff is also ready to teach its guest about the importance of conservation.

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