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Enderby Island, Auckland Islands Cruise Port

Enderby Island is one of the Auckland Islands which are located in an archipelago about 300 miles south of New Zealand’s South Island. Enderby is to the northeast of Auckland Island and is drastically smaller than that major island in the chain. This island, along with many others in the Auckland Island Group, was designated an Important Bird Area (IBA) by BirdLife International. There are also a number of other species that were introduced into the ecosystem years ago but were subsequently cleared from the island in 1994. Rabbits, pigs, rats and cattle were removed from the lands and only a select number of rabbits were kept and continue to live in captivity. Other fauna that come and go from the island as they please are sea lions, various birds and the yellow-eyed penguins that breed and nest on the island, depending on the season.


  • The Enderby Island rabbits would’ve been completely eradicated in the 90s if not for the Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand. Because of all the hybrid breeding after an initial 49 rabbits were spared, this particular breed remains extremely rare.
  • Some of the visiting species of birds that nest on the island include the Auckland shag, Auckland teal, Auckland rail and Auckland snipe.
  • Nearby Auckland Island’s coast is brimming with gloriously steep cliffs and rugged terrains. Boat trips to view this stunning topography are a delight for tourists.
  • Enderby’s Campbell Plateau is set on an interesting stretch of land that was once a volcanic hot spot. The area is now inactive, but erosion remains from an eruption that occurred between 10 and 25 million years ago.

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