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Elsinore, Denmark Cruise Port

Helsingor is a port city in eastern Demark; it’s the closet Danish port to Sweden and has a population over 60,000. The port sees heavy traffic almost every day because of the high population density on either side of its border. A number of ferry companies make daily travel between the two surrounding towns and are often cheaper to hire than paying for the toll on the Malmo-Copenhagen Oresund Bridge, which handles a good amount of the trans-Scandinavian traffic, both cargo and tourist wise. Fans of Shakespeare might know nearby Kronborg Castle as the primary setting for his play Hamlet. The city has an even older castle in Flynderborg, an early medieval fortress located on a hill below the impressive medieval city. Outside of the old Danish architecture are modern shopping streets located strategically throughout town, and just outside of town in the city of Vala is the largest shopping center in all of Scandinavia.


  • The Maritime Museum of Denmark is a world-famous museum that has exceptional exhibits aimed toward both children and adults which show off what the amazing ships can do.
  • The Danish Museum of Science and Technology is a fine museum that takes visitors on a trip that shows to what extent technology has truly advanced in the past 100 years.
  • Holgar Danske is an incredible sculpture of a sleeping Norse warrior who is supposed to wake up whenever he senses Denmark is in danger. He’s always on display at Kronborg Castle.
  • The Church of Saint Mary is a stunning restored church that has walls and other features that date back to the middle ages. The courtyard is also a display of sheer beauty.

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