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Elcho island, Australia Cruise Port

Elcho Island is a small Island situated off the coast of Arnhem Land on the Southern end of the Wessel Islands Group that are in the East Arnhem region of the Northern territory of Australia. The island is primarily inhabited by aboriginal communities that are mainly settled in Galiwin’ku which is located close to the Southern tip of the island. The community is very diverse with a large number of tribal groups and up to 22 different dialects spoken amongst them. With a population of approximately 2,000 people, mostly concentrated in Galiwin’ku, it is the second largest island in the Northern territory, and the largest in Northeast Arnhem Land. Elcho Island is also home to the blind musician Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu and the Chooky Dancers. Below are main attractions to be explored after cruising to Elcho Island:
  • Elcho Island Arts and Crafts, the main attraction of Elcho Island and is an arts center that is community owned. Artists from the community create traditional artworks and crafts utilizing materials sourced from their surrounding environment according to their thousand year traditions.
  • The aboriginal people have inhabited the region for more than 40,000 years. The occupants of Galiwin’ku maintain the tradition and culture of the region through strict traditional methods giving any visitor an opportunity to experience and learn about them in an authentic and uncorrupted setting.
  • Elcho Island is blessed with a bountiful flora that comprises of mangrove, acacia, and Stringybark forest that stretch across the island to the borders of the curvy beaches. Trekking through the island offers the chance to awe at the beautiful scenery.
  • The aboriginal people of Elcho practice traditional methods of medicine quite different from modern medicine. The former are highly influenced by tradition and superstition. The medicines have produced good results which makes finding about them beneficial due to the knowledge that can be acquired.
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