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Elba Island, Italy Cruise Port

Famously known as the island Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled to and then escaped from, Elba is an incredibly beautiful Mediterranean island in Tuscany. Napoleon’s summer and winter houses remain popular tourist locations and are open for tours year round. From May to August, which encompasses cruise season, a small train provides sightseeing tours to better explore the modest, yet complex isle. The serene, traditional architecture is peppered with small shops and intimate bistros that showcase the unique Tuscan atmosphere. Porto Ferraio, Elba’s largest port as well as its biggest city, is located in a protected harbor making it an ideal place to dock yachts and cruise ships alike. Its marine area offers a completely different shopping/cafe experience since it caters to sailors and other lovers of the sea. Beaches and boat rentals are popular among tourists, as is cycling along the intricate network of trails and roads that are perfect for viewing the island’s natural wonders.


  • Take in a tour of Portoferraio Town-Hall, which was Napoleon’s primary residence during his 300-day “stint” in Elba. Upon seeing the extravagance, it’s a wonder he ever left to make his last stand at Waterloo.
  • Soak in the sun at Spiaggia Della Biodola, one of the island’s most popular beaches. With a number of beachside bars, this is an ideal location for a light swim or casual snorkeling.
  • For an interesting look into old mining architecture, Parco Minerario dell’Isola d’Elba has tours that really show off the island’s natural resources.
  • The isolated church at Santuario della Madonna del Monte is an amazing site to behold after a long, yet peaceful walk. Cool breezes, a surrounding forest, and natural flowing water make this hallowed location feel like a small oasis.

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