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Elafonisos, Greece Cruise Port

A small island located off the coast of Cape Malea and Vatika between the Peloponnese (Greece’s mainland) and Kythira, Elafonisos’ electrifying tourist season coincides with the height of cruise season. In the winter, or off-season, the population remains below 400, but that number rises to over 1,000 in the summer when the isle welcomes upwards of 3,000 tourists per day. With an area of seven miles, it’s the largest inhabited island in the Peloponnese archipelago and is the only island to act as its own municipality. Elafonisos is most known as a haven for beautiful beaches. Fragos (Simos), Sarakiniko, Panagias Nissia, and Pounta Beach are the most popular sandy waterfronts to relax on smoothed out towels, or swim in the calming, turquoise waters. With numerous, very long beaches, Elafonisos is prime locale for snorkeling and it offers a wide variety of fresh seafood in its local harbor-side restaurants.


  • Enjoy the magnetic view at Simos Beach. Due to its long-stretching coastline, Simos is both crowded and secluded. Feel free to mingle with the masses for communal fun, or bring your own umbrellas and food for a more intimate experience.
  • The simple yet glorious Agios Spyridon Church is on a miniscule patch of land, standing on its own across a quaint white bridge. With the mainland to one side, the rest of the pristine chapel is surrounded by water.
  • Revel in the wonders of Kastania Cave. A short drive or ride from port, this natural beauty has excellent tours led by a knowledgeable staff.
  • If a nice libation beside the water is what you’re after, check out the many seaside bars including the Mare Nostrum, which offers cocktails, coffee, backgammon, and free WiFi.

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