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Eilat, Israel Cruise Port

When cruising to Eilat, Israel you can expect to find a large variety of things to do! The combination of a tropical sea and a historic city allows for endless activities. Founded during the days of King Solomon, the city has developed many different times through many different rulers. Modern day Eilat, Israel was established during the 50’s and is what you will see today on your cruise to Eilat, Israel. The bay area is one of the major attractions for tourists looking for a beautiful beach to relax on or some fun water sports to take part in. In the modern side of the city, you will find restaurants, shops, clubs, and a promenade. In the Arava region, you will find the more historic and archaeological sites that can be viewed by camel, jeep tour and more. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite things to do while cruising to Eilat, Israel:
  • Explore the modern beach area and take part in the dolphin reef adventure, scuba, snorkel or relax along one of the spectacular beaches.
  • Walk along the Botanical Garden of Eilat, something you don’t expect to see next to a desert! You will be surrounded by all kinds of trees, plants, flowers and even a rainforest.
  • See the camels at a local camel ranch where a local guide will talk with you and give you a chance to ride a camel..
  • Take part in the Underwater Observatory Marine Park where you will have a unique experience to see the underwater life, including sharks, up-close.

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