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DOUARNENEZ, France Cruise Port

Nestled up right beside the Atlantic Ocean, Douarnenez is a commune within Brittany’s Finistere department of northwestern France. Because of its oceanside location, it’s always been and held a reputation as a fishing port. Dating back to the 5th century during the Gallo-Roman era, there is archeological evidence that the people of Douarnenez were avid fishermen who even came up with the notion of salting their catches to preserve them. While the fishing industry surged up to and including the 20th century, it began to decline over the past 50 years. Even so, the region’s sardine and mackerel canning facilities are still quite profitable. Tourists are most drawn in by marinas and sandy beaches, as well as warm climates and beautiful scenery. Douarnenez remains lively with maritime festivals and competitive sailing regattas. Tristan, a nearby island that can be walked to during low tide, is linked to the legend of Tristan and Iseult from King Arthur times.


  • Venture to the Port Museum and learn of the region’s long and prosperous fishing industry. You can board and walk around a number of retired fishing vessels and observe numerous interesting exhibits.
  • Ile Tristan is a protected site only traversable during low tide and by guided tour. However, it’s a beautiful, must-see sight, rich with history and culture.
  • La Chappelle Saint-Michel is located on an old road stemming off from Douarnenez harbor. It contains beautiful religious art work and the architecture is equally as stunning.
  • Delve deeper into the sardine and mackerel canning history right at Port Rhu. Gaze out onto the waterfront to see ancient sardine hauling vessels as you explore this old-fashioned, yet timeless port.

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