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Doini Island, Papua New Guinea Cruise Port

Doini Island is located in the eastern region of Papua New Guinea, in the center of Milne Bay. The island is just one of Papua New Guinea's few private islands. It covers an area of approximately 1100 hectares that plays host to incredible landscape that is strewn with coconut trees and beautiful rainforest. Most of the island consists of uncharted territory due to the fact that it harbors a population estimated to be less than 1000 people. The Island is blessed with beautiful white beaches on its shores that prove to be quite scenic with the backdrop of turquoise waters that are home to schools of exotic fish and other marine wildlife. The local people are quite friendly and add to the island's warmth and serenity. Featured below are some of the favorite experiences to have after taking a cruise to Doini Island, Papua New Guinea:
  • The uncharted nature of the island prompts a bush walk or hike through the rainforest to the Doini Skull Cave. The cave has about 100 skulls that belong to the ancestors of Doini Island who fought fierce battles with their neighboring tribes.
  • The island's clear turquoise waters provide the perfect opportunity for water activities like kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving. These activities reward visitors with views of the abundant corals, tropical fish, and other marine wildlife like turtles that are characteristic of the region.
  • Visitors should also pay a visit to the Doini Island Plantation Resort that offers a host of activities like boat tours around the island and to neighboring islands. The boat tours also incorporate the chance to do some fishing with visitors enjoying triumph over the region's exotic fish.
  • The Doini Island Plantation Resort also offers the opportunity to visit a bird aviary on the island that is filled with many exotic birds. Bird lovers and bird watchers alike would be thrilled with this activity as some of the bird species are quite rare.

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