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Djibouti, Africa Cruise Port

Djibouti’s major port is located in the country’s capital, the busy and industrial Djibouti City. It’s not only the capital but the entire nation’s only sizeable town as well as its administrative center. For many years, the city and port weren’t as prominent as they are today but after taking advantage of their strategic location along one of the busiest shipping routes in the world, they grew exponentially. Other than seafaring trade, the country also benefits as a terminus on a popular railway from Ethiopia. Because of its long, varied past, Djibouti is comprised of a plethora of architectural styles, each one depicting a different period in the country’s history. New, modern real estate exists around the center of town to keep up with the rising population, while the old sector is filled with bazaars and other open-air markets throughout the narrow streets. The most popular attractions for tourists are the old-fashioned buildings and the many beaches.


  • If you’re looking for a powerful aquatic wilderness surrounded by inactive volcanos and fields of black lava, Lake Assal is an amazing site that’s nearly 500 feet deep.
  • Djibouti Dolphin Excursions are made possible by utilizing the only PADI dive center in the country. The experienced guides graciously take visitors up close and personal with the dolphins, along with unique fish and a few sharks.
  • The hiking and serenity of Day Forest National Park’s former forest is a great escape from Djibouti’s natural heat. The scenery and wildlife is also fantastic to look at.
  • Head to Arta Beach for great swimming and majestic snorkeling with great visibility and a vast selection of maritime life. And when not underwater, the beach itself is second to none.

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