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Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada Cruise Port

Devon Island is not only Canada’s sixth largest island, it’s also the absolute largest uninhabited island in the world. Part of Baffin Bay, this enormous landmass encompasses over 20,000 square miles of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Its highest point of elevation is the Devon Ice Cap which, among the island’s many mountain ranges, stands out at a towering 6,300 feet in the air. Cape Liddon is a bird watcher’s paradise known for its healthy populations of Arctic fulmars and black guillemots. Another bird area deemed an Important Bird Area like Liddon is nearby Cape Vera. Visiting cruise ships often dock at Dundas Harbor, an abandoned settlement on the southeastern coast of Devon allowing their passengers to be ferried in smaller boats to various spots around the island. While the island was named after Devon, England by British explorers, the Inuit natives call it Talluruti, which means “a woman’s chin with tattoos on it.”


  • The Haughton Impact Crater is a massive topographical incline that lived for millions of years as a lake. Tourists marvel at its enormous 14-mile diameter formed by a falling meteor some 39 million years ago.
  • The remains of an ancient Thule settlement that dates back to 1000 AD is well-preserved on the island. Visitors will notice the tent rings, an old refuse heap, and a graveyard.
  • Other remains include a more recent headquarters for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, abandoned in 1933. It was established to crack down on illegal activity such as whaling, but eventually closed due to the area’s sheer isolation.
  • The Devon Ice Cap is a magnificent sight to see and a peaceful place for hiking and light climbs. While the complete climb is for professionals only, unfortunately the cap has been consistently shrinking since 1985.  

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