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Desroches, Seychelle Islands Cruise Port

The Ile Desroches, which is commonly known as the Desroches Island, serves as the main island of the Amirantes Archipelago that is part of the outer islands of the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. This island is situated approximately 230 km Southwest of Seychelles' main island of Mahe. The Desroches Island covers an area of approximately 3.24 km2 and has an estimated population of 50 people, who are found in a settlement that is located on the Northwestern shore and a luxury hotel in the South. The circumference of the island is host to a 15km stretch of beach that has fine sand, which is ideal for a relaxing tour. To encourage tourism to the island conservation efforts have been put in place and managed by the Island Conservation Society through their conservation center on the island. Featured below are some of the activities that one can undertake after taking a cruise to Desroches, Seychelles Island:
  • The remote and largely untouched island rewards tourists with the chance of exploration. This can be done through lovely walks or biking on the island so as to enjoy and soak in all the beautiful sites and tropical scenery, enhanced by the welcoming spirit of the locals.
  • The island has a myriad of multi-colored coral reef outcrops. This factor accompanied by the marine life in the natural marine sanctuary, provide an exquisite opportunity to experience thrilling snorkeling and scuba diving sessions. The inclusion of 14 classified dive sites highlights the diving experience on the island even more.
  • The island boasts a vast and diverse array of pelagic and reef fish that are a result of nourishment from the current flowing through the Amirante Trench. These conditions provide the opportunity for tourists to enjoy some game fishing and fly fishing of the blue water fish species.
  • Being an island, there is the opportunity to join other tourists on sunset boat tours on the Indian Ocean. This provides the chance to appreciate the island's beauty from a different perspective while enjoying refreshments on the smooth sailing boats hypnotized by a marvelous sunset.
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