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Dendera, Egypt Cruise Port

When cruising to the Dendera, Egypt Temple Complex, expect to be awed by the amazing ancient Egyptian artifacts found here. Located in the city of Luxor, this complex features the Dendera’s Temple of Hathor, built between 125 BC and 65 BC. This temple is one of the most preserved of its kind and features a rare depiction of Cleopatra and her son who was fathered by Julius Caesar. On your cruise to Dendera, Egypt be sure to explore the other temples, tombs and chapels that can be found to leave you imagining what life was like during those times. Not far from the complex, lies the city of Luxor offering more chances to explore the ancient remains, such as The tomb of Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite sites to see when cruising to Dendera, Egypt:
  • Explore the Luxor Museum filled with ancient Egyptian artifacts, including a few objects from Tutankhamen’s tomb.
  • Take an air balloon ride over the city to see a different perspective of the ancient remains.
  • Venture into the Dendera’s Temple of Hathor that features some exciting and rare depictions that will teach you more about the ancient past.
  • View the tomb of Ramses VI, known to be one of the best preserved tombs and is intricately painted from floor to ceiling.
  • Visit the Luxor Temple that has Egyptian and Greek influences that is said to be best seen at night.

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