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Delos, Greece Cruise Port

The island of Delos houses an important site for Greek history and its archeology. It’s actually among the most excavated locations in the entire Mediterranean. The French School of Athens, one of the premiere foreign archeological institutes, leads the ongoing excavation of ruins and its findings are on display at the Archeological Museum of Delos and the National Archeological Museum of Athens. As the mythological birthplace of Apollo the sun god and Artemis the huntress, the island was adorned with extravagant treasures and palaces between 1400 and 1200 BC. These symbols of lavishness have become priceless artifacts worthy of excavation. With a population of 14 people—based on census data from 2001—the island is wholly focused on the many archeological digs. While most sites are closed on Mondays, the rest of the week, particularly during cruise season, tourists who appreciate history and architecture stop by to view the awe-inspiring wonders.


  • See the spoils of the ruins, cleaned up and presentable at the Archeological Museum of Delos. While nothing may compare to seeing the excavation firsthand, this free-of-charge museum highlights the very best finds.
  • Travel back to the 7th century BC by walking the Avenue of Lions, an ancient street lined with magnificently preserved stone lions.
  • Don’t overlook the House of Masks. In ruins and not included on most guided tours, this location offers the most stunning mosaics on the walls, ceilings, and floors, as well as hanging plaster paintings all very well preserved.
  • Cleopatra’s House is a more recent excavation that showcases the extent of her great wealth. You won’t want to miss the two sculptures depicting the former owners (no, not that Cleopatra).

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