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Curu (Reserve), Costa Rica Cruise Port

If your trip to Central America wouldn't be complete without learning more about animal life native to the area, then cruising to the Curú Wildlife Refuge on Costa Rica is bucket list item you can check off. Located on the southern Nicoya Peninsula, the refuge is part of the Tempisque Conservation Area; part of it is also private property containing a ranch used for cattle breeding. The generally uncrowded park gives visitors a chance to view animals in their natural habitat – with plenty of those animals to be found. You have the option to either hike the jungle trails or drive (although animals such as monkeys might be found lounging in the road, thwarting the progress of motor vehicles). Afterward, cooling off with a swim at the beach eases the heat. A thoroughly unique adventure, here are some of our favorite experiences while visiting the cruise port of Curú, Costa Rica:
  • Part of the reserve includes protected forests, including deciduous and semi-deciduous forests, mangroves, beaches, marine habitats, pastures, and plantations. The options for trails within the refuge and protected forests included shorter and easier walks, as well as longer, more difficult trails that can take several hours to complete.
  • The number of animals that can be seen in the park is vast. Along with 232 species of birds (including scarlet macaws, elegant trogons, and brown pelicans), 78 species of mammals (including monkeys, deer, and mountain lions), and 87 species of amphibians and reptiles (including giant toads, sea turtles, and crocodiles), there are at least 500 species of plants.
  • The park is also working on artificial and coral reef restoration and conservation projects in order to increase fish diversity and abundance, as well as other marine life within the bay. Other initiatives involve reintroducing the scarlet macaw to Costa Rica and the release of spider monkeys.
  • Some cruise lines may also offer excursions that include kayaking in the Bay of Curú, snorkeling, and day trips to the nearby Tortuga Islands.
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