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Cousin Island, Seychelles Cruise Port

A small island, with a population of six, Cousin Island is a part of the Inner Islands archipelago of Seychelles. Previously, the island was home to a coconut plantation, but has been an area protected by the International Council for Bird Preservation in 1975. Although the island only has an area of .13 square miles, it is covered in vegetation, making it the perfect place for over 300,000 birds. Used as a research base, the island is heavily protected, and makes for an exclusive destination!

  • Bird lovers come here to see the Seychelles Warbler, of which less than 30 existed by 1960. Conservation efforts on the island has grown that population to 3,000+.
  • With a global population of less than 1,000, most of which inhabit Cousin Island, this is the best place to spot the Seychelles fody.
  • Not just birds live here! Catch a glimpse of the Aldabra giant tortoise, some of which can live over 100 years and weigh up to 350 pounds!
  • As a former coconut plantation, coconut palms line the beaches of Cousin Island! Climb a tree and indulge in a refreshing treat!

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