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Corregidor Island, Philippines Cruise Port

Corregidor Island is an island in the Philippines; it’s located at the precipice of Manilla Bay and is an extension of Luzon Island, the largest and most populous island in the entire Philippines. Corregidor was historically Manilla’s first line of defense because it lies right at the bay’s main entrance. In the past, the island was heavily fortified and weaponized to fight back naval invasions. Manilla has been vital to the Philippines for centuries with it long-time designation as largest city and most important seaport by far. After World War II, Manilla and the surrounding islands like Corregidor were left in ruins and each spent a fair amount of time rebuilding. Many of the forts and strongholds on the island remain in varying degree of stature. It’s a very popular tourist place for veterans because of its long and colorful military history, and there are many historical monuments throughout the island.


  • The Pacific War Memorial is Corregidor’s most famous monument and was built by the US government to honor WWII’s Filipino and American soldiers.
  • The Sisiman Beach is a peaceful and serene beach filled with rocks, soft sand and seashells. The views from shore go on forever and it’s a stunning place to watch the sun rise or set.
  • The Malinta Tunnel is a historically important site because it was the final stronghold of the American and Filipino militaries before the island was taken over by the Japanese.
  • The Japanese soldiers who died on the island during WWII are memorialized in the lovely Japanese Garden of Peace, which is a park that includes shrines, grave markers and various areas reserved for prayer.

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