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Contadora Isle, Panama Cruise Port

Isla Contadora, or Contadora Island, is an island of Panama that lies in the Gulf of Panama. It’s part of the Pearl Islands archipelago, a group of more than 200 islands and smaller islets off the mainland coast and also in the gulf. About fifty miles from Panama proper, Isla Contadora, with an area of just less than a square mile, is the 11th largest island in the Pearls and the third-most populated with around 250 inhabitants. It is also a tropical getaway for the very wealthy, many of which have homes, hotels and cabins spread out across the island. The thirteen pristine beaches are great for strolls, jogs, swimming, diving and snorkeling. Sport fishing is also popular whether along the peaceful shores or deeper out at sea via rented boat. Visitors often wish to travel by boat to nearby uninhabited islands to further explore the tropical wilderness.


  • Directly across from Contadora is the beautiful Pacheca Island, which is a roosting spot for the majestic frigate birds. It’s said to be one of the best spots for bird watching.
  • Playa Ejecutiva is a secluded beach with dark sand and a lot of rocks. Unlike a lot of the more crowded beaches, this one is windier with more shady spots.
  • Whales and dolphins often swim around the islands, yet a little bit more out at sea. Many rented boats will get close to marine mammal hot spots, and some companies even offer multiple-day whale retreats.
  • Playa Cacique is said to be the quietest beach of the big thirteen, which is why many people dock their boats and luxury yachts there overnight. It’s also a grand spot to watch sunrises and sunsets.

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