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Concepcion, Chile Cruise Port

Concepcion is a Chilean city that, along with the metropolitan area of Greater Concepcion, has a population just shy of one million inhabitants. It is the capital of the region and has great cultural significance as well as urban and tourist services. While the temperature is warm or even hot all year long—peaking between December and February—the Pacific Ocean’s cool, calming waters help keep the temperature in check, usually below 100 and above 60, all year round. The beaches and shorelines in the city are excellent places to walk and explore and they look particularly mesmerizing in the nighttime. Professional and amateur photographers alike enjoy the terrain and cityscape of Concepcion, many of which find it a compelling muse for their art. The city’s arts scene is a big deal, thanks to the many museums and music and cinema festivals. It’s also considered the “capital of Chilean rock” since many major acts first formed within the city.


  • Casa del Arte is an urban art museum with a spectacular mural painted all along the outside. The two floors inside display a number of paintings and other forms of art that are consistently rotated in and out.
  • The Reserva Nacional Noguen is a beautifully protected reservation where hikers and other tourists can traverse while seeing many birds and insects, as well as monstrous trees and estuaries.
  • The Templo de Concepcion is a Latter-day Saints temple that is lovely to gaze upon by people from all walks of life. The surrounding gardens are also incredible to behold.
  • The wonderful architecture and freeing open-air campus makes the Universidad de Conception a modern marvel for visitors to see and appreciate.

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