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Cies Islands (Islas Cies), Spain Cruise Port

The Cies Islands are among the collection of islands that are found in Spain. The Cies is made up of three islands, most notably do Faro, Monteagudo and San Martino. They are part of the parish of San Francisco de Afora, in Vigo. In 1980, the islands were declared a Nature Reserve and are in the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park. There was a point where human activity was becoming a huge threat to the natural value of the region. In a bid to protect the flora, fauna, wildlife, and multiple other special aspects it was declared a Nature Reserve. This move helped to maintain the natural elements of the region. The islands are a famous tourist destination, especially during Summer. They are also a good spot for individuals that love nature. Cruising to Cies Islands is highly recommended due to the features discussed below:
  • Visitors to the area can get the chance to explore the rich flora of the area. The scrubland is made up mostly of species like broom, spurge flax or rockrose, gorse, and asparagus. It also has some indigenous species such as the common fig.
  • The Cies Islands are known to be the home of a wide variety of birds. They have the world’s largest seagull colony and many other birds such as pelicans, doves, pigeons, and woodpeckers. Bird lovers can observe the wide species of birds in their natural habitat in cliffs and trees.
  • Traditional activities such as fishing on the islands offer a fun experience and should be on every visitors to do list. Traditional activities in the area are not illegal if they are well-suited with the preservation of natural resources and the environment. The Cies Islands are immensely popular especially because of their beaches.
  • Thousands of tourists flock the region annually to see and swim in the beautiful beaches. In 2007, the Guardian, a British newspaper picked the beach of Rodas as the best beach in the world.
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