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Church Bay, Rathlin Island Cruise Port

Discover an unknown quiet land tucked away in the northern Atlantic Ocean on your cruise to Church Bay in Northern Ireland. Due to its secluded location, Church Bay was notorious during the 18th and 19th centuries for being a pirate port where plunderers and pillagers would use the port to smuggle precious goods such as tobacco, sugar and brandy into mainland Northern Ireland. Today it is a haven for botanists, deep sea divers, bird watchers, and sea anglers alike. Some of the ships that docked at the port in previous years were wrecked. The most famous of these wrecks is The HMS Drake, a top British Battleship that was torpedoed during World War One making the port its permanent resting home. These wrecks make a cruise to Church Bay a top priority for history buffs. Below are several activities you will enjoy after cruising to Church Bay, Rathlin Island:
  • There isn't a better way to remember a visit to a place than through locally bought memorabilia. Visit the Island Treasures Souvenir and Gift Shop at Church Bay and select from the many options of locally made soaps, and hand knitted books among other things.
  • The Western end of Church Bay is covered with steep cliffs and abundant wildlife where thousands of seabirds come to nest. The Kebble and Kinramer Nature Reserves grant all travelers access to auks, kittiwakes, guillemots and many other rare birds.
  • Art lovers can get the chance to meet Church Bay's most famous resident Yvonne Braithwaite and marvel at her paintings. Yvonne is a distinguished paint artist who usually works in acrylic. Her subject matter is mainly the land and seascapes of Church Bay, Rathlin and Ireland.
  • Cruise to Church Bay in July and take part in the week long Rathlin Festival. This family themed event features music performances, theatre and dramatics, and a homemade raft race along the coast line. It is a perfect event for families.
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