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Chukotka Province, Russia Cruise Port

Hidden in the Far East side of Russia is a seldom explored, cold jewel, Chukotka Province. Surrounded by two different seas, Chukchi Sea and the East Siberian Sea, Chukotka province is a land filled with multiple rivers and lakes. Originally inhabited by Siberian hunters, the Chukotka Province was explored by Russians statesmen in the 17th century on an expedition led by explorer Semyon Dezhnyov. They built a fort at the settlement of Anadyrsk that they later abandoned due to the harsh weather conditions and lack of sufficient food supplied by the local game. Cruise to Chukotka a vast land rich with natural gas, coal, gold, oil and tungsten. Locals prefer to move around by flying and rely on domestication of reindeer, fishing and whale hunting for food. Medicine, mining, construction and education are the main sources of employment for residents of Chukotka. Below is a list of activities you will enjoy when you visit Chukotka:
  • Move like a local and enter the world of dog sledding. Dog sledge races are often organized in the region the most popular being the Nadezhda. Taking place annually at the beginning of April, the race runs over 1000 km and lasts up to 2 weeks.
  • Ornithologists will enjoy a visit to Chukotka with over 200 bird species calling this secluded paradise home. Lapland longspur, Pomarine Jaeger and the Long Tailed Jaeger are a few of the birds that scientists from all over the world go to the region to study.
  • With 40 wades, 4 mountain ranges and 2 oceans touching, this magnificent meeting point can be explored by quad bike. It is an adventure and experience like no other which will make for a great story for all future meetings.
  • Live among the Eskimo and Chukchi communities who are still true to their ancient traditions. Spend several days with them, enter a local rain deer race and go on a hunt. Lose yourself in the spectacular arctic wilderness as you learn about culture.
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