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Christmas Island, Australia Cruise Port

The cruise port of Christmas Island, Australia, one of nature’s most impressive feats lies just a few miles north of the Equator. With a population of just over 2,000 residents, the inhabitants are outnumbered by a huge population of exotic wild birds. The island is full of natural wonders; from unique annual red crab migration, secluded rock pools, keyhole beaches that cut into sheer cliff on either side, endemic species to glorious deserted beaches. As one of the 33 low-lying coral islands in the Republic of Kiribati with a blend of culture, history and majestic sites, your cruise to Christmas Island, Australia will be filled with unusual travel experiences. Enjoy fishing, boating, nature walking, bird watching and the famous red crab migration if your cruise is anywhere in December through February. Capture this wondrous beauty known as the “Galapagos of the Indian Ocean” from its deepest point that rises above the ocean by experiencing these places of interest:
  • Walk up hiking trails past magnificent waterfalls, unspoiled beaches, mysterious caves and thick mangroves to the island’s main settlement, Flying Fish Cove. This is home to majority of the ‘Christmas Islanders’ and an ideal enclave for swimming, snorkeling with a diverse range of tropical fish, and watching the beautiful sunset with locals who marvel at it like it’s their first time.
  • Somewhere deep in the crevice of the Christmas Island ‘jungle’ is a mini coastal cave with a mixture of fresh water and repeated influx of sea water. Likened to “the gaping mouth of a giant dragon with dripping stalactites as its teeth”, The Grotto is a great hideout that acts as a cool aqua platter on a hot summer day and a candlelit romantic spot at night.
  • Head over to Tai Jin House to learn about the history of the island’s dramatic landscape and unique wildlife while in the cruise port of Christmas Island, Australia. Known locally as ‘Buck House’, this museum sits up the hill beyond Flying Fish Cove and is home to the Christmas Island Historical Exhibition.

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