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Chiswell Islands, Alaska Cruise Port

The rugged Chiswell Islands are a group of uninhabited islands located within the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, and are only accessible by ship or airplane. The islands are part of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, which gives you the perfect opportunity to see unique seabirds and other wildlife. The islands themselves appear to stand vertically out of the water - a majestic and breathtaking sight. Continue below for some wildlife you may encounter in the Chiswell Island in Alaska:
  • Sea Lions: The sea lions use the Chiswell Islands as feeding grounds, to socialize, and to care for their pups. You’ll be delighted seeing these majestic creatures in person.
  • Horned and Tufted Puffins: Puffins have been the delight of travelers for a very long time. This is your chance to see some of these adorable birds in person; be sure to bring your camera!
  • Black-legged Kittiwakes: The Chiswell Islands are a sanctuary to many species of birds, and the black-legged kittiwake is just one species you may encounter. You’ll be able to identify it from its signature call – which its name was derived from.

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