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Chirpoy Island, Kuril Islands Cruise Port

Chirpoy Island is one of the pair of uninhabited volcanic islands that is popularly known as Chyornie Bratya. The other island is referred to as Brat Chirpoev. These islands are situated between Urup and Simushir in the chain of Kuril Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Chirpoy is the larger of the two islands. Both of the islands are surrounded by numerous offshore rocks and small islets. Chirpoy is made up of multiple overlapping stratovolcanoes. These include Snow and Cherny. Vulkan Chernoga is the tallest point on the island and it reaches a height of approximately 691m. The islands together are the existing remains of a caldera which is partially emerged. The caldera is roughly 8 to 9 kilometers wide. Below are some of the elements and features that make going for a cruise to Chirpoy Island a good idea:
  • Chirpoy Island has a rare and dynamic landscape. It is popularly known for its terrain and striking black lava cliffs. A trip to the island offers a visitor the opportunity to explore a region that has a beautiful yet unique landscape.
  • At the peak of the Vulcan, a person will get a spectacular view of the region. The islands are filled with natural features that are rare in other parts of the world. From the point, a person gets to see all the beautiful parts of the region from one place.
  • There are many different animals that live on the island and offshore. Some of the most common ones are the sea lions and sea birds. Cruising to Chirpoy Island presents an opportunity to see the animals in their natural habitat.
  • Exploring the waters of the island is a refreshing way to relax and unwind in a quiet and peaceful terrain. Ferry services give visitors the opportunity to explore the waters and marvel at the scenery from the vast and beautiful ocean.
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