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Chignik, Alaska Cruise Port

Chignik is a city which is located in Alaska and has a very small population. A census that was carried out in 2010 estimated the figure to be 91. In 1911, several ships were blown ashore by a gale. These included the Star of Alaska, Benjamin F. Packard and the Jabez Howes. The United States Census Bureau estimates that the city covers 16 square miles on land and 4 square miles on water. Benny Benson, who designed the Alaskan Flag was born in the city. The weather patterns fluctuate regularly but this does not hinder having fun. As much as Alaska has a small population it is still an interesting place to visit. Visitors to the area can take part in a wide range of activities which makes cruising to Chignik a good option. Below are some of the activities that a person can take part in:
  • Chignik bay is a small fishing village whose waters offer a visitor the opportunity to fish. The good thing is that the locals are professionals when it comes to fishing which means that they can give advice on the best way to do it.
  • Visitors can go on boat trips from the bay, which presents an opportunity to marvel at the beautiful landscape and spectacular view of the region. It is a good place for people that are into photography due to the amazing scenery.
  • A person who does not love crowds will definitely enjoy spending time in Chignik. There are few people and as a result, the place is also quiet. A person does not have to worry about loud noise or the commotion common in busy cities.
  • The locals are polite and accommodating. Their hospitality makes it easy to get along with them and whenever needed they offer assistance which helps make things easy and convenient. The residents also offer a lot of insight regarding the location and its history.
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