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Chichagof Island (Shee Kaax), Alaska Cruise Port

Named after the famous Russian explorer of the Arctic, Admiral Vasili Chichagov, Chichagof Island is one of the most isolated and unblemished islands in the world. Interestingly, Admiral Vasili never set foot anywhere on what today is the state of Alaska. Cruise to the 5th largest island in the United States and 109th largest in the world and explore a land where deep sea fishing, logging, and hunting are a daily routine for the less than 2,000 inhabitants of the island. This bio-diverse gem in the arctic, is characterized with an abundance of flora and fauna. Eagles, deer, and brown bears dot the Chichagof landscape. Residents of the island, realize the rarity of such an environment in this modern day and embraced a sustainable approach to daily living. Below are a few of the activities you will enjoy after cruising to Chichagof Island:
  • Take a guided hike with the locals along the beach and into the woods. Nature buffs will enjoy collecting small crabs on the beach as well as coming close to and seeing the deer and eagles that fill the islands landscape.
  • Chichagof Island is also home to thousands of orca and humpback whales that visit every year. They spend their days feeding and playing around by slapping the ocean surface with their tail fins. Take a boat from the island and go whale watching for an afternoon.
  • Visit Chichagof and get a chance to see bears catch some salmon. Thousands of salmon swim upriver every year to mate and lay eggs as bears patiently wait. On their way up the local brown bears have an easy time feeding on them.
  • Chichagof has the world's longest zip line. This 5,300 foot long ride lasts up to 90 seconds and riders move at up to 60 mph. While on the line you can get spectacular views of the entire island as you enjoy a thrilling experience.
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