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Charlotteville, Tobago Cruise Port

Charlotteville is a village that is located in Tobago. The first European settlers arrived in the village in 1633. The village developed due to sugar farming and the deep water harbor. Recently, fishing has become a major industry that contributes a lot to the region’s economy. Many of the residents make a living from fishing. The village has a few small restaurants and the accommodation is also limited, as there are minimal guesthouses and apartments to rent. Charlotteville is a popular tourist destination because of its natural environment and numerous diving sites. It has some of the best and most exciting dive destinations. The water temperatures usually range between 25 C to 28 C. Various institutions and people in the area are committed to protecting the environment. Below are some of the features and activities that encourage visitors to cruise to Charlotteville:
  • The village is an ideal place to visit for music enthusiasts. It is known to have one of the few remaining tamboo bamboo bands. A tamboo bamboo is a percussion instrument and the production of rhythm is done by banging bamboo on the ground.
  • A good place to relax in a peaceful atmosphere is at Charlotteville Beach. It is a lovely beach from which a visitor can get a good view of the beautiful scenery. An added advantage is that the locals are welcoming and friendly which makes the experience more exciting.
  • A recommended establishment to eat good quality food at is Gail’s restaurant. Visitors are offered the chance to choose between multiple dishes and food choices including fish, beef, and chicken. The local cuisines and dishes sold at the region can suit any budget.
  • The Eric Dive Centre offers visitors the chance to experience some of the best diving in the region. A person gets to dive in multiple dive sites that are suitable for both experienced and novice divers. The best part is that diving can be done year-round on some sites.
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