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Chandannagar, India Cruise Port

It is rare to find a town such as Chandannagar in India. The town has a deep history spanning several centuries, and is a melting pot of different styles of architecture and arts each unique to a specific era. Traditional Indian, British, and French construction styles all blend perfectly in this town which should be at the top of any travelers cruise list. Terracotta enthusiasts will love cruising to Chandannagar as the town is lined with multiple terracotta temples including the nine pinnacled temple in the Boro Shvtala district. However, Hindi temples are not the only religious buildings in Chandannagar, due to its extensive colonial past, the town features several churches including The Sacred Heart Church, a multi storied fine work of architecture with twin towers on its sides and a statue of Jesus in front of it. Below are a few recommend things to do on your cruise to Chandannagar:
  • Take a visit to the temple of the Goddess Kali. The temple was built by King Nrishinghadev in the year 1798. Special marble and lime stones were collected for the construction of the temple. Beautiful gardens line the river bank between the temple and the Ganges.
  • Enjoy an afternoon marveling in fine British Engineering at the Clock of Imambara. The clock was purchased by the Indian town from an English clockmaker and has its numerals in Arabic instead of Roman numerals. It is a well-rounded piece of art.
  • Spend a day at the Chandannagar Museum & Institute formerly known as the Dupleix mansion. The museum is famous worldwide because it houses rare French style artifacts and the personal art collection of former French governor of the town, Joseph François Dupleix.
  • Visit Tagore's House if you want to see great views of the compound and the exterior from the roadside. The beautiful home in the town is popular because it was the house of Rabindranath, who has been regarded as Asia's Shakespeare.
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