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Cerro Dragon, Argentina Cruise Port

Cerro Dragon, or Dragon Hill, is a testament to the importance of conservation. When the population of the Galapagos land iguana started declining due to the cats, goats, and dogs introduced to the island, the Charles Darwin Foundation and the Galapagos park service created a program to bring the numbers back up. Today, visitors can see the success of the program for themselves when they visit Cerro Dragon, and see the large iguanas roaming in their natural habitat. Continue below for more sights in the cruise port of Cerro Dragon, Argentina:
  • Flamingos: Although the iguanas are the main attraction, you may catch a glimpse of the elusive flamingo while in Cerro Dragon. Flamingos feed on tiny organisms that only survive in specific water conditions, so be sure to bring your camera in case you’re there at the right time!
  • Marine Iguanas: Land iguanas aren’t the only iguanas which call Cerro Dragon home. During your visit, you may encounter its close cousin – the marine iguana. These are similar to land iguanas, except - you guessed it, they live and feed primarily in the water.
  • Landscape: Spend time hiking this beautiful, wild landscape. It’s a sight you won’t experience anywhere else. Wander along the hardened lava present near the beach, check out the various types of cacti, the rolling hills, and everything else this beautiful wonderland has to offer.

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