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Cernavoda, Romania Cruise Port

Founded in the 4th century by Greeks, Cernavoda was originally used as a trading center by the first inhabitants there. Today, Cernavoda is an important transit point in Romania. It is the only Romanian town with four bridges, three of which are important to the larger continental European travel as they cross the River Danube. Cernavoda is a terminal point for the Danube–Black Sea Canal, a 64km canal that runs to the towns of Constan?a and Navodari. It is a very important canal in the European canal system because it links the North Sea to the Black sea and serves to transport a huge amount of people and goods on a daily basis. The town is also home to the Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant, which houses two nuclear reactors. A trip to Cernavoda, Romania is not complete without the following activities on your itinerary:
  • A visit to the Footprints of Joy animal farm gives visitors the chance to pet and feed the wide variety of animals kept on the farm. Animal lovers will enjoy a peaceful fun filled day petting donkeys, dogs, and horses on the farm.
  • The outskirts of Cernavoda are lined with vines yards and lush green trees. Wine lovers will enjoy visiting some of the wineries in the area, the largest being the Murfatlar winery. Treat your taste buds to the sweet local Chardonnay.
  • Lovers of architecture will enjoy an afternoon along the Anghel Saligny Bridge. It was originally known as the King Carol I Bridge. It was built from 1890 to 1895. It crosses the Danube River and connects Cernavoda to the town of Fetesti.
  • Enjoy a lovely day cycling along the famous Danube River. After cruising to Cernavoda, get a bike at any of the local bicycle rental shops and enjoy the rest of the day sightseeing and enjoying great views along one of Europe's most famous rivers.
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