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Cayo Levantado, Dominican Republic Cruise Port

No cruise to the Caribbean is complete without a visit to Cayo Levantado, Dominican Republic. This hidden island gem in the warm tropics brings together the best features of Caribbean life. White sandy beaches, leafy green tree plantations, beautiful towering mountains and all year round sunny weather make Cayo Levantado a must visit destination for any traveler. Despite being so well hidden in the Samana bay area, Cayo Levantado has a deep and rich history dating back to the year 1493 when Christopher Columbus visited the area and was attacked by locals while on an expedition. The island is sometimes referred to as Bacardi Island due to the palm trees that grow on it. The natural features and several other aspects assure anyone who cruises to Cayo Levantado of a unique experience. Below are some of the interesting things to do at the region:
  • You should go whale watching in Samana Bay during the months of January to March. Thousands of humpback whales travel to the island to give birth to their young ones. Travelers visiting the island can spend a day with nature's majestic giants.
  • A safari expedition by road into Cayo Levantado Island is a good way to explore the area. It gives a visitor the opportunity to mix in with the locals and enjoy their much talked about and popular Cayo Levantado farmer’s tea.
  • Enjoy the natural beauty of the island by water. Get to Kayak around the island coastline in an experience that merges land beauty with ocean wonder like nothing else. After a brief set up with your kayaking equipment, you will be ready to go on an adventure.
  • Going white water rafting on the nearby Yaque Del Norte River is highly recommended. Dive into the canyons and feel the cold river water wash all over you as you are filled with adrenaline. A great group activity for those wild at heart in the company of guides.
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