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Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands Cruise Port

Cayman Brac is one of the three Cayman Islands. Its position is more than ninety miles northeast of the major Grand Cayman Island but only about five miles east of Little Cayman Island. Brac’s terrain is quite interesting compared to the other Caymans because of an overwhelming limestone outcrop known as The Bluff that gradually rises along the length of the island until it reaches its highest point on the landmass’ far eastern end—about 140 feet. This limestone topography defines the island so much it was named Brac after the Gaelic translation of Bluff. Experienced scuba divers are attracted to the area because its ocean depths contain one of the only sunken Soviet subs in the Western hemisphere. The many caves found around the island display an endless series of underground formations that are as beautiful as they are fascinating. Tours below the surface lead visitors down the most pristine paths.


  • The 180-acre Parrot Preserve is a visually stunning collection of the endangered Cayman Brac Parrot. It includes a two-mile hiking trail which is great for viewing the birds and other exciting flora and fauna.
  • The stunning Lighthouse Footpath is a picturesque point-to-point trail that runs along the very top of the great bluff. Along the way there are viewing stations for nesting Brown Boobies.
  • The Cayman Brac Museum is the oldest museum in the Cayman Islands; its goal is to preserve and showcase the unique history of each of the Caymans.
  • Peter’s Cave is well known among divers because its position and depth makes it the most popular North Wall diving spot.

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