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Cape York, Greenland Cruise Port

Cape York is a stunning destination for cruise goers who want to experience the beauty and history of Greenland. Located on the northwestern coast of Greenland, in northern Baffin Bay, Cape York is a cape that marks the end of Melville Bay, a large bay with spectacular glaciers and icebergs. Cape York is also famous for being the site of several fragments of the Cape York meteorite, which exploded in the atmosphere about 10,000 years ago and provided iron for the Inuit people who lived in the area. You can visit the largest fragment, called Ahnighito, at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Cape York also has a monument dedicated to Robert Peary, the American explorer who collected the meteorite fragments and claimed to have reached the North Pole. If you are looking for a unique and adventurous destination, Cape York is the place for you!
  • Arctic Adventure: Exploring the breathtaking scenery of Cape York, Greenland.
  • Inuit Insights: Discovering the rich history and culture of Cape York’s Inuit community.
  • Polar Pioneer Tribute: Visiting the monument of explorer Robert Peary in Greenland.
  • Arctic Fauna Fantasia: Wildlife and birdwatching delights in Cape York’s untamed wilderness.
  • Celestial Marvels: Crossing the arctic circle for midnight sun and northern lights spectacles.

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