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Cape York, Australia Cruise Port

As a spacious, mostly remote peninsula in Far North Queensland, Cape York is the largest unspoiled wilderness in northern Australia. While half its massive amount of pure land is occupied by grazing cattle, the other portion is home to a protected rainforest, and a wooded savannah. Located at the mouth of Endeavour River, one of the cape’s major water sources, is the quaint town of Cooktown. This hidden away treasure was first visited by Captain James Cook in 1770. It’s an interesting place because it has the feel and amenities of an old frontier village. The most developed island on the cape is Thursday Island, offering its visitors a charming cultural mosaic. With a rich history of pearling and fishing, the island holds onto its roots while paying homage to the important role it played during World War II as a base for Australian and American troops. Statues and monuments stand in tribute to their rich history.


  • Thursday Island’s Japanese Pearl Memorial, while visually stunning, is a stoic reminder of the hundreds of Japanese pearl divers who lost their lives due to decompression sickness.
  • Learn about the man, myth, and legend known as the famous Captain James Cook at the intimate James Cook Historical Museum, located in Cooktown.
  • To really explore the ins and outs of the monstrously large Cape York, head out on one of its guided off-road adventure safaris. See some of the oldest creatures on earth and venture off the beaten path, deep into the great rainforest.
  • Built way back in 1886, the Grassy Hill Lighthouse still stands tall and proud, overlooking Cape York and the mighty waters that surround it. Enjoy the extra significance of this being the site where James Cook’s party first landed in 1770.

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