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Cape Dorset, Canada Cruise Port

Cape Dorset is an Inuit port town and part of the greater Dorset Island. It was here that the remains of the Thule, an ancient Inuit people, were found and discovered to have lived and thrived between 1100 and 1000 B.C. Their culture has come to be known as Dorset Culture after the town and island on which they were found. Later in its history, the locals began referring to the cape as the Capital of Inuit Art after it became a center for drawing, printmaking, and carving starting in the 1950s. Visiting tourists are often interested in Mallikjuag Territorial Park because it’s the major archeological site devoted to Thule, Dorset, and Inuit culture. The park isn’t too far from the main Inuit hamlet and can be reached by foot; however, for those not willing to walk, or in colder weather, tours offer many means of transportation, including dogsled.


  • For one-of-a-kind artistic samplings, visit the West Baffin Eskimo Cooperative. This creative mecca has drawing studios, a stone cutting shop, lithography sites, a print making studio, and some of the best soapstone carvers in the world.
  • The Mallikjuag Territorial Park is a lot more than old remains. It’s a scenic park surrounded by mountains and waterfalls that has a friendly, knowledgeable staff who’re always ready to tell Dorset’s grand story.
  • The cape on Dorset Island is actually a nearly 800-foot mountain, and part of the vastly impressive Kinngait—or “high mountain”—Range.
  • The cape is home to plenty of interesting wildlife, including Arctic wolves, Arctic foxes, caribou, polar bears, seals, and a number of arctic birds.

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