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Campbell Island, new Zealand Cruise Port

Campbell Island is an isolated, uninhabited island more than 400 miles south of New Zealand. While it is part of the Campbell Island Group, the other islands in the chain are drastically dwarfed compared to the main island. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is slightly more than 43.5 square miles, while the island group’s combined area doesn’t even surpass 44 square miles. Campbell Island has many mountains, some of which reach peak elevations over 1,600 feet. The surrounding waters contain many large rocks and small islets which make it difficult for all but the most experienced boaters to navigate the waters. Cruise ships don’t get close enough to fall victim to the treacherous waters, but they do get close enough for passengers to admire the landmass’ natural beauty. There is also a long, scenic fjord nearby that bisects the island on its eastern coast.


  • Perseverance or South Harbor is a long lateral fissure or fjord that runs through Campbell Island. The Campbell Island Meteorology Station, an interesting site, is located on the western side of the harbor.
  • The Southern Royal Albatross and other seabirds use the island as a major breeding area. The archipelago is designated an Important Bird Area (IBA) by BirdLife International.
  • The island is home to what is believed to be the most remote tree in the world. It’s a 100-year-old Sitka spruce and the next nearest tree is almost 140 miles away in Auckland.
  • The forested area and plains are filled with interesting flora and fauna that is seldom disrupted by human interaction. Even the meteorology station employees don’t venture to most of the island.

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