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Cai Be, Vietnam Cruise Port

Within the Mekong Delta and Ti?n Giang Province, the cruise port of Cái Bè, Vietnam is a city known for its famous floating market. Each morning, masses of boats converge along the Tien River so that merchants can sell their goods. Most of the items for sale are fruits and vegetables; each boat has a sample hanging from tall wooden poles. While the boat traffic here is extraordinary, the residents are meticulous about keeping the river and surrounding areas clean. When you’re done checking out the floating market, there’s shopping to be done in town, including a nice selection of locally-made crafts (like pots and baskets). Watching the sunset over the river as you dine at day’s end is a picture postcard in the making. With friendly people, fresh food, and a welcoming atmosphere, Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Cái Bè, Vietnam:
  • Cao Ðài (also Caodaiism) is a monotheistic religion, and the Cao Dai Temple is where you'll find amazing architecture, most notably in its doors. The temple itself is a riot of color, and the doors have elaborate wood carvings. Followers of Cao Ðài believe in nonviolence and vegetarianism; the styles of the temple are an interesting combination of those from Catholic churches, Buddhist pagodas, and Muslim mosques.
  • The Dong Hoa Hiep's Old Houses show off preserved homes that were built in the style typical of older architecture of the region. Several of the most striking examples are the Ba Duc Old House, Cai Huy Old House, and Anh Kiet Old House. Some of the restoration was made possible by the Vietnamese government and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
  • For more unique shopping experiences, you can try snake wine – yes, this is wine created by fermenting a reptile in a glass vessel for several months. There are also workshops where you can learn to make rice paper.
  • The coconut candy and rice popping production tour is a load of fun. The factory itself is rather small, and it’s fascinating to see just how much of the process is done manually.
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