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Burano, Italy Cruise Port

Four miles from Venice, you'll find the cruise port of Burano, Italy, an island in the Venetian Lagoon; it's linked to neighboring island Mazzorbo by a bridge. Earmarked by brightly-colored houses (which have to be approved by the government), the population of about 2,800 is concentrated within a small area. Its history dates back to at least the 6th century, when it was probably settled by the Romans, and soon began to thrive. When the town's women began making lace, this became a great trade commodity – some of which was purchased by Leonardo da Vinci for the main altar of the Duomo di Milano. Now seen as a time-consuming and expensive endeavor, there are only a few left who make lace in the traditional manner. If artistic residences and plenty of history give you a thrill, you’ll enjoy some of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Burano, Italy:
  • The San Martino (St. Martin) Bishop Church was built during the 15th century and has a famous leaning bell tower. Dedicated to Saint Martin of Tours, it's not as fancy as some other churches, but it's still lovely and features some beautiful artwork. The best places to see the tower's lean are away from the church; close up, it's not as discernable.
  • For a full history of Burano's lace-making, visit the Museo del Merletto or Lace Museum in Piazza Galuppi. A former palace, this used to be the seat of the Burano Lace School. Restored and re-opened in 2011, you'll get a thorough tour of the laces of Venice and its islands, featuring more than 200 examples dating from the 16th to 20th centuries.
  • Since this is an island full of fisherman, finding fresh seafood is easy. It's also cheaper than in nearby Venice, and dining outdoors here still gets you the amazing canal views that made that other city famous.
  • Shopping here is a delight; along with the handmade lace, you’ll find glass shops, Venetian mask shops (for your very own Commedia dell'Arte), art stores, antique shops, and – best of all – bakeries, because there’s only so much shopping one can do on an empty stomach.
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