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Black Turtle Cove, Santa Cruz, Ecuador Cruise Port

The cruise port of Black Turtle Cove in Santa Cruz is a wildlife wonderland. This cove is under strict regulations by the national park to keep this wonderful environment pristine for the animals, plants, and visitors. You will arrive into Black Turtle Cove on a zodiac, which is an inflatable boat, and due to regulations the motor must be turned off, but your expert guide will know how to maneuver the boat into the cove. Once there, you’ll be up close to some of the wonders of the Galapagos. In order to keep the cove peaceful for wildlife, total silence must be observed. Please continue below for wildlife you may see while exploring Black Turtle Cove:
  • Turtles – green sea turtles are an endangered species and you may spot them during your exploration.
  • Sharks – you may see blacktip reef sharks, whitetip reef sharks, or even hammerhead sharks.
  • Rays – some of the rays that call Black Turtle Cove home are spotted eagle rays, golden cownose rays, and mustard rays.
  • Birds – you could spot pelicans or other birds that use the cove for hunting.

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