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Ben Boyde, Australia Cruise Port

Ben Boyd National Park is a national park, which is situated in Australia in New South Wales. The park was named after Benjamin Boyd who was an Australian entrepreneur and pioneer, and for a short time a politician. He had multiple interests in New South Wales including farming and whaling. The park was officially established in the year 1971. Boyd is the one who commissioned the sandstone tower construction, which, however, was not completed. The park has two sections that have a wide array of activities that visitors can take part in. The park is partly immensely popular because of the abundance of wildlife in the region. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences, activities, and features that visitors cruising to Ben Boyd Australia will enjoy:
  • Animal lovers will have the time of their life at the park. Fifty mammal species have been recorded in the park. Some of the animals that have been recorded are foxes, and cats, both of which cover the park, and feral dogs, and rabbits among others.
  • The park is an ideal destination for bird lovers. Approximately 212 species have been recorded in the park. It is home to the Eastern bristle bird and the Eastern ground parrot. The little tern can also be found in the region on the beaches and sand dunes.
  • The Pinnacles is a major tourist attraction. It is a multi-colored erosion gully and white sands overlay the red clay. Visitors should consider the Pinnacles loop walking track. It is an easy walk that offers a great view of the Pinnacles erosion feature.
  • The park will definitely fascinate photographers. It has numerous interesting natural elements and features that make for perfect photography options. The animals and birds are also good photography subjects. Photographers are assured of the chance to take pictures of interesting and fascinating subjects.

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