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Beilstein, Germany Cruise Port

Beilstein is a cruise port along the Moselle River and also a simple village in the Cochem-Zell district within the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The miniscule settlement has a population around 200 people, but the townscape is stunningly beautiful and masterfully preserved. The ruins of Metternich Castle look over the sleepy city and represent a more lavish time when Prince von Metternich-Winneburg zu Beilstein had it built in the early 19th century. The town is also known as a pilgrimage site for the Saint Joseph’s monastery church statue called “The Black Madonna.” This idol was first built in 13th-century Spain but was left behind in Beilstein after the Spanish left following the Thirty Years’ War. The settlement and surrounding areas have a number of must-see historical sites, including a number of churches and ancient ruins. Every year, the Beilstein Fairy Tale festival is held at the winegrowing museum and features puppet shows by the Cochem Marionette Theater.


  • The Reichsburg Cochem is a magnificent castle outside the village of Cochem that offers guided tours most days of the week, all of which explore the grounds inside and out.
  • The Bundesbank-Bunker museum is a former fallout shelter which offers guided tours deep into its depths so visitors can explore the mystery of this incredible underground vault.
  • Hangeseilbrucke Geierlay is an excellent hiking trail that begins more than a mile from its own parking lot. The trail crosses a long, beautiful bridge and stretches across a number of steep hills that can be really tricky to navigate when wet.
  • The Historische Senfmuehle is an interesting old mill that dates back to 1801 and is now famous for the mustard and marmalade its occupants make and sell onsite.

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