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Bathurst Island Cruise Port

Bathurst is situated to the north of Darwin in the Arafura Sea. Bathurst Island and Melville Island make up the Tiwi Islands. It is believed that the word Tiwi means people, the people or the chosen people. The Aboriginal people collectively call themselves the Tiwi people. One of the largest of multiple Aboriginal communities of the island are the Nguiu. For decades, Bathurst Island has been inhabited by the Tiwi people. Visitors that intend to go to the Tiwi Islands need a permit and are required to go on an organized fishing charter or tour. Bathurst Island was sighted by Europeans for the first time in 1644. This was by Abel Tasman when he was passing on his way from Batavia. Since that time multiple developments have led to many changes on the island. Below are some of the aspects that make it a good choice to take a cruise to Bathurst Island port:
  • The Annual football grand final is held in the Nguiu during March. The sporting event is immensely popular and people from different parts of the country flock to the island to witness the sporting event. It is a big event that is worth attending.
  • Over the years, Tiwi customs intermixed with catholic doctrines which later produced a combination of catholic and Aboriginal signs, text and symbols. A visit to the island offers a person the chance to learn about its history and the development of their culture.
  • Bathurst Island is well known for its arts and crafts galleries. The distinctive style of the Tiwi people is popular and appreciated. Many collectors from all around the globe are impressed with the textiles, pottery, wood carvings and bark paintings.
  • The Tiwi people have adopted some modern aspects such as food stores and basic infrastructure. Traditional customs such as hunting from the sea and land for traditional foods are still a valued part of Tiwi life. A person can learn about the culture of the area by visiting the island.
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