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Barrow, Alaska Cruise Port

Also known as Utqiagvik, Barrow is the largest city in and the borough seat of the North Slope Borough. Located above the Arctic Circle and roughly 800 miles from the North Pole, this city has the exclusive privilege of containing the United States’ northernmost point. Starting around May 10th—varying slightly every year—the sun literally doesn’t set for a period of 66 days. Granted, around mid-November, the sun sets for a roughly two month period, but if visiting during cruise season, prepare for lightness over darkness. As a quaint native Eskimo village, travelers have the opportunity to meet with the villagers and become immersed in their routine, lifestyle, and culture. Some of the Inupiat Eskimos happily offer tours of the town and its outskirts. Others remain in the heart of the village to put on a cultural program featuring ceremonial song and dance, traditional games, and local craft demonstrations.


  • Further delve into the native’s decorated history at the Inupiat Heritage Center. Check out the fantastic sculptures and art, and then meet some of the artists.
  • Walking Barrow Beach is much different than strolling along your average beach. See the partially frozen Arctic Ocean as you trudge through heavy ice chunks that persist even through July and August.
  • Embark on an extensive tundra tour of the area. The knowledgeable guides aren’t shy about discussing the history and culture of the region, and the paths along the Arctic Ocean are simply breathtaking.
  • Barrow High School is a surprisingly famous site in this far-off Alaskan town since 2017 when the NFL Network aired an eight-part documentary on their local football team.

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