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Bandol, France Cruise Port

Bandol, France is located along the French Riviera in a bay aside from the busy city of Marseille. Bandol will offer you a relaxing vacation spot with unique flora and fauna. This area is also famous for its art especially for its morning market or if you are looking for designer shops, there is abundance of those along the quai Charles De Gaulle. Beaches can be spotted along the Anse de Renecros for relaxation or swimming. Bandol is also known for its amazing red and rose wines that you should sample when on your cruise to Bandol. Here are a few of our favorite activities to do while cruising to Bandol, France:
  • Embark on the wonderful Bandol and Riviera Wine Tour to try some of the local red and rose wines.
  • Relax on the beaches by taking in the serene Mediterranean waters providing picturesque views all around.
  • Shop in some local boutiques for some fantastic French finds or in designer stores for more upscale clothing.
  • Explore the restaurants and cafes that always have the wonderful French food, but try some local flavors as well.
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