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Banda Neira, Indonesia Cruise Port

Banda Neira is the sole settlement on the Banda islands that is situated in eastern Indonesia in Maluku province. The town is situated on the Bangas group on the central island. Banda Neira is the only island in the region that has enough space to accommodate a small town. The Banda Islands are also popularly known as the fabled spice islands. In Bandanaria there are stores, government offices and a wharf. The population of the area is around 14,000. About half of the population of the entire region reside in the area. The town has huge colonial palaces that were built by the Portuguese, Dutch and British during their rule over the islands. Banda Neira is a highly recommended tourist destination. Cruising to Banda Neira port is a good option because of the amazing features, aspects and exquisite scenery highlighted below:
  • One reason to visit the town is to observe the Myristica Trees that are indigenous to the Banda Archipelago. They provided the mace and nutmeg spices that were once found solely on the Islands. The native Bandanese were forced out by the Dutch so that they could exploit these resources.
  • The Banda Islands are an ideal destination due to the environment. The islands are surrounded by the sea and they brim with abundant ocean life and impeccable corals. Due to the scenery and the waters, the region has become an internationally recognized diving spot.
  • Banda Neira offers a visitor the opportunity to take a trip back in time. Over the years, the town has remained relatively unchanged. Remnants of the thriving trading centre can be observed across the island. These include Belgica, the Dutch Fort and ancient cannons.
  • Banda Neira has a rich history which makes it a good destination for historians. It was at one point the world center of trade in mace and nutmeg. It was able to dominate the trade because at one point these valuable spices could only be acquired at the Bandas Islands.
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