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Balikpapan, Indonesia Cruise Port

Cruising to Balikpapan, Indonesia will allow you to take a step back from all the stresses in your life and truly appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. The city is a very calm and peaceful place that has Western and Asian influences. Balikpapan is located on the east coast of Borneo, an exciting area filled with endangered wildlife species. On your cruise to Balikpapan, you will be able to see the endangered orangutan as well as the proboscis monkey, pygmy elephant and Borneo rhino, that each calls this area their home. Bird watching, jungle trekking, safari rides and diving are all exciting activities to partake in during Balikpapan, Indonesia cruise. This city has some amazing shopping areas with reasonable prices as well as a few very nice beaches for relaxing and swimming. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite things to do while cruising to Balikpapan, Indonesia:
  • Explore Ruko Bandar, an area filled with exciting restaurants, bars, shops and nightclubs.
  • Relax along Kemala Beach that offers a very laid back vibe as well as bars that are adjacent to the water.
  • Visit the Masjid Agung At-Taqwa, a mosque that is filled with bright patters and lights for a spectacular night view.
  • See the lush rainforest from under your feet! Step across the canopy bridge for a one of a kind experience.
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