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Balearic Islands, Spain Cruise Port

The Balearic Islands are a group of islands of Spain. The word Balearic is derived from Greek. The four biggest islands are Minorca (Menorca), Majorca (Mallorca), Formentera and Ibiza (Eivissa/Ibiza). They are all immensely popular tourist destinations. Thousands of people travel from all over the world and visit them on an annual basis. There are many smaller islands and islets that are located close to the major islands. The cuisine and culture of the islands are the same as those of the other Catalan Countries. The islands form a province and autonomous community of Spain. The islands are situated at the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and have a Mediterranean climate. The main official languages of the islands are Spanish and Catalan. The islands have a long and interesting history. Below are some of the aspects that drive many tourists to the Balearic Islands ports:
  • The Statute of Autonomy declares the islands as a nationality of Spain which shows how important they are to the country. They are now regarded as part of Spain. Visiting the area offers the chance to learn about Spain and its history.
  • The region is famous for its cuisines. They can be categorized as part of the Mediterranean, Spanish, or Catalan cuisines. It features a lot of cheese, pork, wine, seafood and pastry. The Lobster stew which is from Menorca even attracts King Juan Carlos I to the region.
  • One of the activities that is expected to expand future tourism of the islands is whale watching. Visitors can get the opportunity to observe dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. The practice is especially common when it comes to recreation.
  • The Balearic Islands are popular among tourists. The residents are friendly which makes it easy for a tourists to socialize. People from all over the globe travel to the region because of the hospitality of the residents and beauty of the region.
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