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Baden-Baden, Germany Cruise Port

Located in the foothills of the Black Forest along the Rhine, Baden-Baden is a beautiful spa town centered around overall human wellness. The tranquil town is home to 12 healing thermal springs uncovered by the Romans more than 2,000 years ago, which have served ever since as the town’s very own fountains of youth. Baden-Baden’s hot springs are said to possess healing properties that are absorbed through drinking, inhaling, and bathing in the water. On top of its mystical springs, Baden-Baden is garnished with classical architecture that never fails to amaze. The Caracalla Spa, Hohenbaden Castle and eatery, and Casino Baden-Baden are only a few of the breathtaking attractions tourists can experience.  With everything this one-of-a-kind town has to offer, your trip to Baden-Baden will be one to remember.

  • The German word Baden translates to the English word “bathing.” Located on top of twelve thermal springs, the naming of this German spa town is no coincidence.
  • The tallest mountain in Baden-Baden is called the Badener Höhe, part of Germany’s Black Forest National Park.
  • Baden-Baden’s two main springs—the modern Caracalla Spa and historic Friedrichsbad—regularly attract royalty, celebrities, and politicians from around the world to experience the water’s healing properties.
  • Casino Baden-Baden is known as the most beautiful casino in the world, embellished with bright red wallpaper, crystal chandeliers, and intricate portraits influenced by French royal palaces.

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