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Baddeck, Nova Scotia Cruise Port

Baddeck is a quaint resort town on the lovely Cape Brenton Island within the province of Nova Scotia. This secreted away area is noted for sitting between romantically-described indigo hills laced with marble, nestled on the northern shore of the mighty Bras D’Or Lake. One of Baddeck’s most renowned resident was famed inventor Alexander Graham Bell, who became so enamored with the town’s natural beauty he chose it as his summer home. Today, he is honored by the locals with his own historical site which overlooks the stunning Baddeck Bay. Tourism is the town’s main industry and even though the population clocks in at fewer than 800 people, they expect thousands of travelers each year. Along with thrilling hiking trails, and jaunts through the bayside area’s natural beauty, Baddeck has a few luxurious golf courses including the world-famous Bell Bay Golf Club. Visitors also enjoy the quaint shops, local music, and friendly bars.


  • Theatre Baddeck was founded in 2015 and is a professional theater company that provides a wide array of summer performances for both the tourists and locals.
  • The Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site offers more than just fantastic views with a rich collection of artifacts and documents collected by the inventor during his tenure in Nova Scotia. Recreations of his inventions are also on display in the museum.
  • Uisge Ban Falls is nature at its finest. This beautiful waterfall comes at the end of a lengthy and rewarding hike along the Cabot Trail.
  • Baddeck’s Boardwalk offers a scenic walk along an extended portion of the docking area which acts as a perfect spot to admire the lighthouse, surrounding mountains, and a good portion of the village as a whole.
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